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Featuring 100 meticulously hand-drawn MC effigies, this flava-ful flow chart asks and answers a question of lexical freshness: Who boasts the most Brobdingnagian (that means biggest) vocabulary in hip-hop?

Produced and expanded in conjunction with Matt Daniels, and adapted from his original “Largest Vocabulary in Hip-Hop,” this polished, pumped-up print is 20% off for 24 hours only!

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I will have 6” x 11” prints of this available at MCBA FallCon this weekend, October 5, at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Education Building! I will also have many other fun prints and things. So you better Trek yourself before you wreck yourself. Come see me!
You can also order this print at society6!

This is cool,

Although I can’t work out who it’s supposed to be between Ro Laran and Leeta or the two women between Uhura and Tasha Yar

In between Ro and Leeta is K’Ehleyr, Worf’s sortofkindof ex-wife. Between Uhura and Tasha are Yeoman Rand from TOS (left) and… I actually have no idea who the one on the right is.

It’s Andrea, and android from TOS. And I am buying this tout de suite.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How can we promote healing if all we're supposed to say to racists is "fuck you"? I'm pissed at them too, but that just doesn't seem very productive.
omahasnakes omahasnakes Said:


Hey ding dong, by telling racists “fuck you,” you let them know that their racist behavior and speech aren’t fucking welcome around people who aren’t, you know, completely pieces of shit. Treating those people like their racism is somehow a reasonable, debatable viewpoint prevents healing in the people who are actually affected by their bullshit.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I thought my wife's uncle was cool, but he just emailed me a racist joke. Does he think I like that shit? What have I done to make this man think I'm a racist?
omahasnakes omahasnakes Said:


What are you going to do to make sure he knows you’re not?


Leaked scene from Episode VII where C-3PO dons a human mask.


This. What to Say When You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing Intelligent to Add